What the Press has said
about Chuck's plays...

Sheila Na Geira

“...the success story of the summer must be Sheila Na Geira, the folk opera written by Chuck Herriott and staged over five weeks in Carbonear.”

Carbonear Mayor Milton Peach praised the event for the amount of tourists and tourist business it brought to the community.

The level of success surprised even Herriott. Audiences grew from about 80 the first night to more than 800 on the final night.

Mark Vaughan-Jackson – The Evening Telegram, Sept 5, 1997

“...I was enchanted, captivated and swept away...superior acting and production...”

“This production was a perfect example of the quality of production that can be created in and by Newfoundlanders and an ideal and entertaining representation of Newfoundland heritage...”

“Mr. Herriott's dedication, hard work and artistry was evident and should be rewarded

Glenda Savory, The Compass, May 12, 1998

...fantastic band...beautiful songs...

The level of acting during the production was high.”

...a very enjoyable evening. Sheila Na Geira is a play full of music and colour.”


Louise Kearley – The Newfoundland Herald, August 23, 1997

...this folk opera is a striking and highly entertaining accomplishment... the whole family will enjoy... a handsomely mounted musical production.

Gordon Jones – The Evening Telegram, July 21, 1997

Born With The Caul

Finding Laughter in the Pain of Resettlement – Chuck Herriott uses a light touch to underscore the upheaval of moving in Born with the Caul.”

Instead of portentious family tragedy, Herriott offers breezy resettlement sitcom with a nostalgic undertow... largely rendered in humorous terms, the poignancy of loss and change is not excluded... recollection and anecdote are embedded in lively family banter and rambunctious horseplay. Action is brisk. Dialogue is boisterously vernacular... Despite the dominant element of laughter, there were a few tears and snuffles by the close of the

Gordon Jones – The Telegram, July 12, 1999

Cold War

“the play is a success. The Cold War is brim full of comic ideas, routines, and exchanges.”

“Herriott and Fitzgerald clearly love to relish in stage business. They're superb at it.”

Peter Gard – The Newfoundland Herald, June 10, 1995

On Chuck's acting...

"Chuck Herriott has that certain magical presence on stage that grips your attention and intensifies the whole experience. He is as versatile as he is experienced - subtlety, energy, focus, timing - Chuck has all the tools of the well-honed professional. Add to this the electric vibe he takes with him wherever he goes, and you have a natural, infinitely renewable fuel source for any performance scenario. If only you could bottle 'Herriott' for retail sale..."

Pete Soucy

Jambe de Bois

“The dialogue is French...the story is perfectly accessible...greatly enhanced by the inspired clowning of Chuck Herriott.”

John Holmes – The Evening Telegram, March 13, 1992

Midsummer Night's Dream

“The crucial role of Puck is played with mercurial energy by Chuck Herriott...”

John Holmes – The Evening Telegram

Love's Labour's Lost

“Particularly outstanding was Chuck Herriott as Costard the clown.”

The Last Temptation of Christopher Robin

“Charles Herriott is Piglet... slips in and out of a whole assortment of characters with different accents... an absolutely extraordinary acting job. Herriott specializes in street-tough, knife wielding sadistic bullies who make your skin crawl. ...You get the feeling there are ten men on stage.”

Alvina Ruprecht - CBC Radio, Ottawa April 22, 1991

“Chuck Herriott, Newfoundland's latest graduate from the National Theatre School, endowed with a plastic face and protean talent, combines the endlessly trusting and good-natured Piglet with terminally violent thugs without turning a hair.”

Gordon Jones, CBC Radio, St. John's, Oct 18, 1991

“Charles Herriott portrays shining, but questioning innocence, as Piglet, and absolute evil as the bullying soldier and the predatory vulture, and a slightly conscious-stricken 1991 teenager, with great versatility.”

John Holmes – The Evening Telegram, Oct, 1991

“... a drama that reaches into your guts and twists them around until your mind is both exhilarated and horrified. Excellent, vibrant performances from all of the actors, and a terrific script that will have you laughing and crying makes this play a must see for anyone who remembers what it was like to be a kid.”

Tim Moshansky – Vancouver Entertainment Magazine, 1991

“Kudos to all the actors for the brilliant work done on stage; Tome and Herriott, besides playing Pooh and Piglet, alternate between several different characters with a skill and alacrity which is utterly amazing.”

Jaap O. Tuinman – The MUSE, November 1, 1991

Freaks: A Circus Tale with Music

“The acting is universally superb. Charles Herriott is especially convincing as Pedro the Turtle Boy.”

David Wylynko – Ottawa Sun, Jan 1994

Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra

Immediately after the last note of the ensuing scherzo, Chuck Herriott made his entrance, bounding out to the front of the stage, clad in tattered green threads and a half-mask. He was rude, disruptive and overly dramatic – in other words, the perfect Puck. His little excerpts of Puckian observations from the play were a great touch.”

Peter Jackson – The Evening Telegram, Feb 7, 1999

Treasure Island

Chuck Herriott gives a colourful account of the marooned eccentric Ben Gunn.”

Vit Wagner – The Toronto Star, November 8, 1998

Stained Glass

“I also liked Charles Herriott who played one of the three soldiers as well as a whole crowd of other people. He switched his voices and accents like a ventriloquist. ... He was great.”

Alvina Ruprecht – CBC Ottawa, November 11, 2002

The Yalta Game

“Chuck Herriott is suave, debonair and insidious in the role of the sensualist looking for another romantic fling.”

Gordon Jones, The Telegram, Oct 7, 2005


“...the intensity of Chuck Herriott's performance as Dad suggests how the piece might achieve the chorus-like impact Berkoff had in mind...”

Matt Radz – Montreal Gazette, March 24, 2007

As Director...

Mark Critch's Catfud Sketch Comedy Troupe

“For Some Good Show (Catfud) were wise to choose an experienced director in Chuck Herriott. His influence in making the production fast and furious is outstanding.”

John Holmes – The Evening Telegram

Shakespeare By The Sea's King Lear

“Herriott's cast were exceedingly even; they felt like a crowd even though they were a speck on a cliff...gave everyone a chance to shine.”

“Chuck Herriott's handling of the fight scenes, exits and entrances was extremely finely done.”

Peter Gard – The Newfoundland Herald, September 10, 1994

As Make-up Artist/Mask Maker...

Laughter-Shock -- Make-up Artist

“The make-up by Chuck Herriott is remarkable and must have taken hours.”

John Holmes – The Evening Telegram

Maid of Avalon -- Mask Maker

“Chuck Herriott's masks were an important contribution. They succeeded in giving life and distinctiveness to the broad range of characters.”

Paul Rowe – Theatrum Magazine, Fall 1997