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The St. John's Actors Studio: I'm excited to announce that the 2016-17 Season is getting set. This is going to be an exciting year!
Acting classes for Adults is adding a third evening. In the past I have had access to Tuesdays and Thursdays at the St. John's Arts and Culture Centre. This year I have added Wednesday evenings.
Classes for Adults take place from 7-9 for a 9-week course. Fee is $225.00.
I'm also offering classes at Grands-Vents Theatre for ages 10+ during the 2016-17 Season, Saturday afternoons at 1-3pm. As well, there will be Easter Sketch Comedy Camp for Young Actors and Summer Sketch Comedy Camps.
For more info visit: The SJAS website.

In Schools: TBA!

On TV: I will be seen in FRONTIER on Discovery and Netflix in Episodes 1&2.

Shows: I've performed on numerous voice-overs, done a little stage work and had an appearance on FRONTIER. My main focus has been on getting other people acting gigs through the Acting Classes, Voice-Over Workshops and Sketch Comedy Camps I teach through the St. John's Actors Studio.

On Video: lending my puppetry skills to
"Treat Your Trash Can Right" on YouTube:

On Radio: I've done voice-overs for numerous spots on local (Newfoundland) stations. One of those ads won a Gold Statue and a Silver Statue at the London International Awards which honour the best in advertising, design and digital media.
13,562 ads were submitted from 79 countries - one Canadian Ad won - twice!! Not bad for local, wha? Listen here

Masks: Chuck recently designed and made some new Commedia Masks and a complete set of Neutral Masks. The masks were made with Neoprene Latex and the results are amazing. Check them out on the Masks Page.

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