Chuck Herriott's
Theatre Workshops

Shakespeare Alive! – Chuck brings his passion and enthusiasm for Shakespeare to life in the classroom through a series of unique games and exercises intended to take the curse off studying (or teaching) the dreaded Shakespearean play. These workshops are designed for students and teachers of Shakespeare and explore the language and action of any Shakespearean play in your school's curriculum in such a way that everyone can understand. Participation and fun are guaranteed and all workshops are recommended for all students whether they struggle with Shakespeare or not. This workshop will be tailor made to your school's needs and will draw from Chuck's vast knowledge of Shakespeare.

Clowns and Crowns – A Shakespearean Scene Study. Students enter the world of Shakespeare and go through the rehearsal process while exploring fun scenes from Shakespeare's most famous plays.

Improvisation - Explore acting (character, need, listening, instinct, etc.) through the art of situation improvisation. Always fun, this session puts “play” in the play.

chuck herriott

Acting with Masks - A great approach to acting and character creation. Inhibition disappears as participants don Character Masks and costume pieces to reveal the hidden and complex personalities of the characters they create. Generally speaking, when the students wear these half-masks (only the top half of the face is covered) the result is usually hilarious. Recommended for all students.

Hand-to-Hand Stage Combat – This is an introductory session exploring the basics of fighting safely on the stage. The secrets of falling, tripping, punching, kicking, head-smashing, nose-pulling, etc, etc without injury to you or the actor are revealed in this fun-filled, action-packed workshop.

The Audition – This class for advanced students unlocks the secrets of performing the solo piece, monologue or soliloquy. Students must prepare two contrasting speeches (one modern, one Shakespeare).